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Hi There Artists!!!

Drawniversity is currently FULL and not accepting additional students at this time.
Stay tuned for future openings by subscribing to the blog, or feel free to get in touch.

  • FILMMAKERS: Want to storyboard your film, but have a hard time getting your ideas down on paper?  Drawniversity can help you get the basics without getting bogged down in specifics that can clog up your creative flow.  See how you can get the essentials of what you need to tell a story in the frame.
  • BEGINNERS: Learn the basics and grow from there.  Find out what things you are naturally good at and nurture them while broadening your knowledge.
  • ACCOMPLISHED ARTISTSIf you are an experienced artist, trouble spots can creep in and can get the best of us. Do you have a drawing you're working on that just needs some help in a few spots?  Or is everything working fine, but you are looking to expand your skill and explore?
  • PARENTS: Is your child showing an interest in drawing?  Want to test the waters to see what potential they have?  Or do you see their potential and want to give them some guidance. If your schedule is very busy, here you won't have to drive them to and from drawing class.

Here's How It Works:
  • Draw something you like to draw, or want to draw but aren't sure how. 
  • Email the drawing with any questions or specific things you want to work on to drawniversity@gmail.com ... (more)
  • Purchase a lesson which includes notes and drawings to show you how to see or think of things that will help you with your drawing.

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