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Drawniversity is currently FULL and not accepting additional students at this time.
Stay tuned for future openings by subscribing to the blog, or feel free to get in touch.

  • FILMMAKERS: Want to storyboard your film, but have a hard time getting your ideas down on paper?  Drawniversity can help you get the basics without getting bogged down in specifics that can clog up your creative flow.  See how you can get the essentials of what you need to tell a story in the frame.
  • BEGINNERS: Learn the basics and grow from there.  Find out what things you are naturally good at and nurture them while broadening your knowledge.
  • ACCOMPLISHED ARTISTSIf you are an experienced artist, trouble spots can creep in and can get the best of us. Do you have a drawing you're working on that just needs some help in a few spots?  Or is everything working fine, but you are looking to expand your skill and explore?
  • PARENTS: Is your child showing an interest in drawing?  Want to test the waters to see what potential they have?  Or do you see their potential and want to give them some guidance. If your schedule is very busy, here you won't have to drive them to and from drawing class.

Here's How It Works:
  • Draw something you like to draw, or want to draw but aren't sure how. 
  • Email the drawing with any questions or specific things you want to work on to drawniversity@gmail.com ... (more)
  • Purchase a lesson which includes notes and drawings to show you how to see or think of things that will help you with your drawing.

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Every so often over the years I'd feel like I was progressing along just fine as an artist, then suddenly I would have a series of bad drawing days. I would struggle and get more and more frustrated that before I was doing so well and now I'm stinking up the page. Then something amazing would happen, after a few days something would "click" and I had a breakthrough. I would be drawing on a level much higher than I was just a week ago. I've also seen it happen to other artists I've worked with. Their work was what it was and suddenly BOOM, they jumped to a much higher level.

If you let your talent drive your skill you will reach the border of those skills. Your talent then tries to find a way through it. It can be frustrating because it feels like your going backwards, but stick with it and you'll end up jumping to a level you didn't even know you had.

I want to help you find those breakthroughs. You will take me there. Drawing should be and is fun. Over my years of experience I have found a ton of "tips and tricks" to show someone just the right thing they weren't seeing to help their drawing. But not every trick is right for every person. The place where we come from when we draw is very individual, understanding that is very important and I will give you the notes that are right for YOU.

A tip or a trick is really just a piece of the "language" of drawing. Talent can bring you far, but there are a set of visual rules. Your talent can find them on it's own, but sometimes that's not the strong suit of your particular talent. Gesture, perspective, balance of weight, these are all equivalent to sentence structure. How you utilize those sentences is the language. How you execute that language is your own voice, or personal style.


You love to draw. It's magic to take a blank piece of paper and with some scribbles here and there it is now something that practically lives. It can cause an emotional effect, or an intelectual one. A few minutes ago it was a bare slice of wood pulp, now it's a mythical creature, or your grandmother, or your mythical grandmother.

How great is it when you draw something good and realize how much better it is than the ones you were doing last month? You can't not grow as an artist the more you practice. It's the way our brains work.

It's convenient!

Finding the time to sit and do anything these days can be difficult. Here, you can draw on your own time without having to worry about driving to and from a class, or even having to be in front of your computer for a webinar at a certain time.

What Should I Draw?

If you are having trouble getting started, try some of these suggestions.... 
  • Find a picture of something you would like to draw. Try a google image search, grab something out of a magazine, or even pause the TV. When you send me your drawing, send me the picture you were drawing from.
  • Tear up little pieces of paper and write names of things on them: Dog, fireman or tree for example. 
    • Then do the same but write emotions and attitudes on them such as happy, sad, angry, skeptical. 
    • Then repeat with adjectives like heroic, sneaky, embarrassed, smart dumb, etc. 
    • Put them all in a bowl and pick out two or three. There's your subject to draw.
Check out the Drawniversity Pinterest Picture Library for ideas

What You Get


  • Personalized instruction in the form of drawn notes using your drawing as a guide. 
  • A PDF of those notes as wells as individual jpegs if you like. 

ADDITIONAL OPTIONS (Please contact me for pricing) 
  • A recorded video of my screen as I actually draw and make the notes is also available. 
  • A one on one "in person" lesson over Skype or Google talk where we can directly work together as you and I draw in the moment. This way I can not only see your drawing, but how you actually build your drawing. (This option is limited by time and scheduling.)
Purchase one Lesson (10-12 pgs)